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Sami Rouissi, a singer-songwriter from Nice, France plays an eclectic mix of folk, blues, soul, and pop-rock music. Sami’s first introduction to any musical instrument was late in life, however, he quickly recognized his love for music, and began honing his skills on the acoustic guitar. Soon after, he started performing publicly and made a living as a college student playing in the local bar scene in the south of France, slowly growing a loyal fan base. He eventually landed in Portland, OR and frequents the Portland music scene delivering smooth, yet upbeat sounds with a warm and soulful voice.

He just recently moved to the California central coast, to finish recording and producing an album set to release in 2022.

“...the voice of singer-songwriter Sami Rouissi dressing the music with his vocals. The man is blessed with a tone so smooth you could pour it into a glass and have seconds.”

“Sami is like Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, David Gray, Jimi Hendrix, and Marvin Gay emerged into one person”

Portland Mercury

“I recently looked up information on Sami after hearing him. I was blown away when I stumbled in and heard him playing. Has the best voice, and flat-out can play. Very original and although he did play a few cover songs, they were far superior to the original. The best acoustic performer I have seen to date.”

Portland Mercury

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